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Overlooked Remedies for Lower Back Pain Relief

Traditional medical approaches will usually focus on addressing the anatomical problems in your lower back, but for many people more of a multifaceted approach will do a better job at keeping the pain at bay.

Is My Pain Sciatica or Something Else?

When any of the nerve roots in your lower back are irritated, pain travels from the nerve root to the sciatic nerve, down to the buttock, and sometimes down the back of the leg and into your foot and/or toes.

How to Get to Sleep and Stay Asleep

The ability to fall asleep—and stay asleep long enough to feel restored and refreshed in the morning—is vital to your overall health and well being. Sleep is also essential in helping your body heal from an injury, and/or to cope with pain or illness.

Tips for Buying a New Mattress for Lower Back Pain

This is even more true if you experience back or neck pain—choosing the right or wrong mattress can make the difference between spending the day feeling good or in pain.

Laser Disc Decompression for Spinal Stenosis: Does it Work?

As a practicing spine surgeon, I am often asked by patients if their disc decompression surgery can be done with a laser. There is a perception by the general population that lasers are a modern, almost futuristic, up and coming technology. The reality is that lasers have been around for a long time and are almost completely useless when it comes to spine surgery.

How to Make Your Own Gel Ice Pack or Moist Heat Pack

Heat and/or cold therapy can provide a surprising amount of pain relief for most types of back and neck pain. Read on to learn how to easily make your own reusable heat or cold packs!

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