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Certified Posture Ergonomists

sitting is the new smoking

The American Medical Association has deemed the current American seated working situation as bad for personal health. They have shown that sitting for such extended periods of time can cause health issues from obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, to even cancer. Those who sit most of the day increase their risk for cardiovascular disease. One of the many issues related to this increase in the sitting disease is the workspace ergonomics that confine much of the population to incorrect posture.

Studies have shown that we sit on average 7.7 hours a day, but that could be a low estimate as some have said it could be upwards of 15 hours a day. Many of those hours are in working cubicles or workspaces not properly designed to support correct posture.

improve your workstation, increase your productivity

Improving your workspace will not only improve your health it will improve your productivity. Benefits of an ergonomically efficient workspace increase energy, respiration, cardiovascular circulation, and decrease back pains, depression, and fatigue. For employees and employers alike the benefits of increased productivity through proper workplace layouts can improve results at work.

Research has shown an increase in 9.8% productivity just from simple ergonomic workplace improvements. A 10% increase per employee in a workplace can make for great improvements in a business. The results were observed within 2 weeks of implementing the improvements.

Whether you are suffering from back pain, or cardiovascular disease, improving your workstation is a simple but highly effective way to improve your health situation.

workplace assessments and ergonomic workshops

The sedentary nature of our lives is a primary cause of many chronic posture problems we deal with as a society. Without addressing and correcting repetitive postural stresses caused by our daily habits and lifestyles, long-term benefits cannot happen. Our Certified Posture Ergonomists are available for workplace assessments and workshops to help you and your company perform better and stay healthier! Contact our office for information about these programs.



As certified neurologists, we specialize in assisting individuals with acquired brain injury or accidental brain injury. Brain injuries can manifest in a physical, psychological or cognitive manner. Many common symptoms may include impaired cognitive abilities, decision making and speech, weakness in muscles and joints, behavioral swings, lack of coordination and communication impairment. Our team will help promote collaboration between patients and their families through achievable goals. Our specialists will provide dedicated rehabilitation services tailored to their needs improving their quality of life.

309 Waneka Parkway, Lafayette, CO 80026