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Certified Posture Neurologists

Postural Neurology is a therapy focusing on the neurology of the posture system through the analysis and correction of the Eyes, Spine, & Vestibular Systems. As Certified Posture Neurologists, we have received perhaps the most comprehensive advanced training for addressing so many of the neurological problems that are becoming epidemic in our society.

There are multiple aspects of the neurologic system that contribute to proper posture.

sensory cortex

The sensory cortex is how you feel and interpret your world. Ascending information of proprioception, joint position, tactile stimulation, temperature, pain, and so on arrive in your sensory cortex for processing and interpretation. The sensory cortex is important to posture because it perceives proprioception and joint position. Understanding where your body is in space is fundamental for achieving postural correction.

motor cortex

The motor cortex of the frontal lobe is important for posture because it initiates voluntary muscle activity and postural stabilization. Our ability to move within our environment is dependent upon functional output of the motor cortex.


The cerebellum is the center for "checks and balances" of movement. The cerebellum refines motor output for coordination and precision of motor movements. Dynamic postural stability is reliant on the cerebellum to have fine motor skills.

ponto medullary reticular formation

The ponto medullary reticular formation (PMRF) is the powerhouse of your posture, the center for postural control. The PMRF is located in the brainstem and is the home of 8 cranial nerves that perform vital functions and contribute to proper posture.

visual system

Head posture patterns are reliant upon proper function of the visual and the vestibular systems to hold the head upright and keep the eyes parallel to the horizon. The eyes are important for orientation within our environment and the visual system is extremely important to posture.

vestibular system

The vestibular system controls postural balance and extension. This is of utmost importance to maintaining proper posture. The PMRF inhibits flexion, and the vestibular system stimulates extension. Flexor-extensor synergy is the goal of postural correction and can only be achieved by proper functional output of the PMRF and the vestibular system. The vestibular system also controls balance. To improve balance, we incorporate vestibular training with our brain based posture rehabilitation programs.

These components are the fundamental anatomy of the neurology controlling the Posture System. Our brain based postural rehabilitation programs are effective in rehabilitating and strengthening these components of the nervous system.

309 Waneka Parkway, Lafayette, CO 80026