309 Waneka Parkway, Lafayette, CO 80026

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In the winter of 2011 I was watching a panel of health professionals on a Christian network; a chiropractic doctor stood out from the rest. He was teaching how our bodies were created by the “Creator” to heal so we could live our full expression of life. That one statement set me in motion to find a chiropractic doctor with the same view.

I began my search for a chiropractic doctor in my area and found the closest in proximity was no longer in business. The continued search brought me to Lafayette and the Life House. As I entered the door for my Day 1 consultation I loved the energy and activity in the room. As I went through the exam process and received my results it was apparent I needed spinal correction. I signed the “dotted” line and began a journey that would change my life forever. I came to every event my schedule would allow and devoured the information. All of it was so internally confirming that this was a place that truth was being taught in a way I had never heard before. From the onset it was obvious that Dr. Zack had a passion for this mission and a love for his patients.

Over the course of several years life took me on a winding road but the one constant was Dr. Zack and the Life House. In 2016 I brought a friend to a Community Dinner and re-heard the mission and it stirred me up all the more. On this evening I also found out they were interviewing for a C.A. Tech position, of which I was very interested; I left that dinner very excited. I came to the group interview a few days later and the rest is history. It is a privilege to work under Dr. Zack and the team that was in place when I came on board.
I am convinced our mission here needs to reach our families, friends, community and the world; we do that by partnering with our amazing patients. We must not keep this good news to ourselves, there are too many people who are sick and dying who need to hear the truth.

309 Waneka Parkway, Lafayette, CO 80026